Rental Homes

Ayre Rhinehart offers a full service rental department with four full time staff.  The rental department is very busy.  To help expedite your efforts to obtain a rental complete the rental application highlighted below.  Approved applicants will be selected first in most cases by the property's owner.

 : Complete the application, sign, and submit with the correct application fee
                    indicated on page 2.  Include proof of income and fully fill out the application for
                    quicker processing. 

Rental Web Site:

Smoking: All rentals outside smoking only.

Pets: Check with Josh.  Most rental homes do not allow pets.

College Students: Check with Josh.  Most rental homes do not allow college students.

AR Property Manager: Josh 698-1247 /

Lease Option - Rent to Own - Land Contract

Midland real estate agents do not have a web site category of Lease Option or Rent to Own when searching on behalf of customers.  There are mortgage requirements (due on sale) that prevent the seller from offering either on the super majority of homes for sale.   

Some real estate professionals do sell homes with a land contract type of financing.  These purchases usually require 10 to 20 % down payments.

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